Hillfield Strathallan College | “Be a Game Changer” Campaign


‘Hektor’ the Trojan was born

In 2015, Hamilton’s Hillfield Strathallan College wanted an innovative way to promote fundraising for their new gymnasium. Glenn Marshall and the Greening Media team thought outside the box and decided that the best way to reach people emotionally was through the creation of a new character to represent the school. ‘Hektor’ the Trojan was born, a cartoon mascot who became the centrepiece of an award-winning promotional campaign that included video, print, promo materials, posters, and a real, live-action mascot character who could interact with the HSC community.

The campaign videos were especially unique, making use of animation to showcase Hector and connect with the school’s young audience. The ‘Be a Game Changer‘ campaign was awarded a special ‘Pinnacle’ Award for Creativity from the Canadian Public Relations Society, and launched a marketing partnership with HSC that has changed the face of their school.

 Pinnacle Award – 2015: CPRS Hamilton, Creative, “Be a Game Changer” Campaign, Greening Marketing Inc.