Barclay Educational Services

Barclay Educational Services (BES) assists students and their families with the transition from secondary to post-secondary education, or from post-secondary to graduate education. The partners at BES draw from their vast experience in both public and private education, and are well-versed in admission guidelines and practices within Canada, the United Kingdom, and select European institutes.

We have been working alongside this company for years and have seen them through an entire rebrand of their business. Since Barclay’s inaugural year, Greening has been their media support team. We provide all design, branding and print promotional material (business cards, flyers, Banners, print ads). During the rebrand we were also responsible for rebuilding the BES website which is now live here.

BES has graced the pages of major news outlets like the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator and television and radio stations, all because of the media knowledge of Greening Media. This long lasting relationship is a great example of how we continue to support our clients through their business growth.



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