Paris 2 Ancaster

Our team has worked extensively with organizers of the Paris to Ancaster Bike Race (P2A) to promote their event and share its unique story with the community. We have been directly involved in every aspect of the race’s marketing and media.

This includes securing funding and sponsorship, grant writing, creating new community partnerships and opportunities for cross-promotion, attracting free press and buying media in radio, print, and TV, overseeing all social media and online promo, producing original video content, and building a strong and loyal audience for all the race’s promotions at every level.

 More Videos from Paris to Ancaster HERE

Since the beginning of our partnership with P2A, they have seen race attendance and interest grow significantly every single year and have created new events and partnerships with various organizations that bring benefit to the race and the wider community. See details on our 2018 campaign below:


Produced 15 original videos for online & social media, ran social media, did web updates
Secured Corus Radio partnership valued at $30,000: Radio spots on CHML, Included in CHML, FreshRadio, Y108 Insiders email blasts, Event listing on CHML, FreshRadio, Y108 websites, Social media mentions on CHML, FreshRadio, Y108 pages, Street team at the event, CHML on-air interview with Bill Kelly

Aided St. Joe’s with their ad material and promoted new partnership and new event (20k race)

Race Day: Photographer at race, videographer at race, utilized a drone for aerial footage

Registration for this years event is now open – Paris to Ancaster Website

Greening Media Metrics

Total Social Media Metrics for 2018

     671,633 Impressions

22,597 Engagements

(likes, comments, shares, retweets)   

 Total Video Metrics

434,648 Impressions

52,752 Video views