McMaster LIVELab - Art of Science Branding

Project Spotlight / Science

What began as an assignment to film a performance, document a 3-day dance study, and create a promotional video for our client at McMaster University’s LiveLab turned into a creative and collaborative process resulting in the launch of a new, branded video series!

McMaster University’s LiveLab is a research facility renowned for their work in studying, sharing, and re-imagining live music and performance. In anticipation of their annual Neuromusic Conference (this year to be presented virtually) we were hired to document their latest feature research project studying “Rhythm and Interpersonal Coordination.”With this study would take place over three days in which two dancers would perform a specific choreography under various conditions while wearing motion tracking markers to analyze the effects of music and rhythm on how the dancers coordinate with each other.

Over the 3-day period we filmed all of the performances for the study and scheduled nine interviews with various members of the team involved to gain insight into the process to be used as sound bites for the promotional video. 

We also captured as much behind the scenes footage of the process as possible, including troubleshooting equipment, placement of the tracking markers, dancer rehearsals, feedback sessions, tech setup, and more. We also enlisted additional videographers (Mohawk College students) to ensure we capture multiple angles and cover all aspects of the study at all times.
It felt like shooting a documentary series or reality show!

Following specific McMaster brand guidelines we created a series of promotional videos to advertise both the Neuromusic Conference keynote presentation of research findings, in addition to a promo for the dance performance.
We also edited the multi-camera dance performance to be showcased at the virtual conference.


After the success of the conference and a debrief with the client, we felt that we had so much great content to still share, and that the story of the researchers would be a great concept to explore. 

We came up with the idea to put together a longer length mini-documentary style video telling the story of the research behind the scenes at the live lab. The intention is to showcase the researchers as artists and their science and work as art just as much as the performers they work with.

Our team brainstormed various concepts and titles, working with our designer on branding and logo ideas.

After several drafts and collaboration with the LiveLAB team we came up with:

“The Art of Science: Behind The Scenes Series
The Stories Behind the Studies”

This fresh new series idea would be a standalone brand, using our existing footage for a full first episode.  This video will serve as a guideline on documenting future research projects (each being their own “episode” of the Art of Science” and can also be used as a tool to help pitch sponsors, grants, and other opportunities.

We look forward to future research projects with our friends at the LiveLAB and showcasing the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes with future episodes of The Art of Science. 

Watch Episode 1: The Social Coordination of Music and Dance below: