Leggat Auto Group - Virtual Auto Show 2022

Project Spotlight / Retail

Female host in front of corvette

In March 2022 The Leggat Auto Group hosted their first ever Virtual Auto Show in response to the cancellation of the 2022 Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS).  With a short timeline of 4-weeks we were hired to produce a series of nine vehicle feature promotional videos and various presentation assets to be showcased during the 3-day event.

During our short pre-production phase we began with a location scout of multiple dealerships to find the optimal space for visual and audio, as well as logistics of moving several vehicles in and out of the space while keeping them clean in case of inclement weather.

We analyzed and broke down the scripts for each of the promo videos into shooting scripts to ensure we captured all key referenced shots of the vehicle. We also made note of anything we couldn’t physically film (such as safety features like lane keep assist) to source manufacturer promotional footage to supplement the videos.

Lastly, based on the availability of our talent and crew we scheduled the shoot day and budgeted a specific duration of time to film each car, while also factoring in lunch and load in/out, to ensure a smooth shoot day.

Our crew arrived early at the Leggat dealership to set up lighting and connect with the team to brief on the day ahead. During production we worked with camera talent and Auto Show host Julianna Chiovitti to deliver all specific points using a teleprompter. Based on our shooting script we captured a variety of vehicle details using a mix of static shots, sweeping shots, and special effect lighting to echo the feel and energy of a live auto show.

Following the Leggat brand guidelines we conceptualized graphics and a visual style for the editing so that each video would be on-brand and visually fit with all other elements to be showcased during the full presentation.

During editing we implemented various music styles to suit each vehicle, enhanced lighting and special effects, customized titling, and incorporated our footage with manufacturer footage to create the final videos. We worked collaboratively with Leggat Auto Group through approvals of drafts with ample timelines for final packaging and delivery of digital files for preparation of the show.

Working on this project was an exciting opportunity to showcase our skills from planning to delivery. It shows how our team can produce high quality content that not only presents information, but does so with flashy visual appeal.

Check out one of the feature videos showcasing the 2022 Acura RDX