The Mac Mile

Community / Events

On June 18th, 2016, people of all ages gathered in support of McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation and McMaster Marauders Athletics & Recreation to run a 1 mile race through McMaster’s university campus. Glenn Marshall originally conceived the Mac Mile event and all the marketing and promotional support was provided by Greening Media.

Greening Media Core Strengths

The Mac Mile is a fantastic example of some of Greening’s core strengths:

Idea Generation: The Mac Mile came from a simple idea that Glenn Marshall brought forward and carried all the way through to execution.

Creating Partnerships: The Greening team was able to forge a brand new partnership between McMaster Athletics and McMaster’s Children’s hospital by providing an event platform for them to work together on fundraising. We were also able to bring in various community sponsors from the private sector to bring the event to life.

Efficiency & Innovation: With only three months to plan and execute the Mac Mile, our team had to work to a tight deadline, utilizing new and innovative platforms like online video to get the word about the event out to the community.

Emotional Appeal: Both McMaster Athletics and McMaster Children’s Hospital have emotionally-engaging stories to tell. We were able not only to communicate these stories to the community, but to associate various community partners with their message.

Delivering Results: This message and its emotional impact worked. The Mac Mile successfully raised over $20,000 in its first year, and the partnerships that it formed will continue well into the future, as plans for another Mac Mile are already underway.

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